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The purpose of the Reach Leadership Series (RLS) is to inspire leaders by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth and by challenging them to make “giving back” a core value.

Event Series Features

The Reach Leadership Series provides an inspirational 90-minute program once a month.

  • Industry leader driving a thought provoking discussion in the area of marketing, sales, leadership or personal development
  • Light breakfast and coffee
  • Networking with 125+ professionals

Next Scheduled Event

November 21, 2013

Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Scott Wise

It seems that there is a sports bar every quarter mile in Indianapolis.

They all seem to have the same food, the same beer selection and lots of TV’s.

If that’s the case, then why does everybody end up at Scotty’s?

What makes them different and special?

On November 21, Scott Wise will help us understand how he’s developed one of Indiana’s premier brands.

He’ll take us back to his first restaurant and walk us through the journey that has resulted in a massive digital presence and 6 successful establishments.